Cranchi®, an all-Italian brand that has been designing and building its own boats with care and passion since 1870.

For 5 generations this has been the philosophy of the shipyard, a company of nautical manufacturers.

Excellence in the design, in the quality of the manufacturing, in the construction of the highest level – with skilled labour – in the organisation of the factories, in the process and product technology, in the finishing, is the highest expression of their ability to be producers… few are as dedicated and committed as Cantiere Nautico Cranchi®.

Internautic Yachts by Metropol Mallorca presents the Cranchi models. You can get more information here

Cranchi E 26 Classic

Designed to be sporty, elegant and fast. The deck layout is open and practical.

Cranchi E 26 Rider

A contemporary classic, with surprising versatility thanks to its outboard engine.

Cranchi Endurance 30

A boat of a sporty nature with a bold and decisive line.

Cranchi Z 35

This cruiser with a strong personality is designed to conquer oceans and sail them in complete safety. Choose a destination and let yourself be carried away.

Cranchi A 46 Luxury Tender

A yacht in a class of its own: the A46 Luxury Tender is a large luxury tender with unusual and distinctive features that make it ideal also as a day boat or express cruiser.

Cranchi M 44 HT

Exclusivity, design, performance? Can you ask for more? Yes, let it be a Chanchi

Cranchi E 52 S Evoluzione

More than just tracking routes, this yacht attracts them, thanks to a clean line and a hull with high hydrodynamic efficiency.

Cranchi 60 ST

Elegance, design and performance are the hallmarks of the 60 Soft Top Yacht Class.

Cranchi 60 HT

Design, luxury and technological innovation are the hallmarks of the Cranchi 60 HT Yacht Class.


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